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    Welcome to The Highland County Beekeepers Association's website. Our website provides general honey bee information, additional links about honey bees, a list of beekeepers who assist in the removal of unwanted bee swarms, the sale of local honey by our members, a list of our officials and members, scheduled dates and times and a map to our monthly meetings.

    The Highland County Beekeepers Association is made up of everyday people, much like yourselves, striving to help the honey bee. Our association helps provide information to educate the general public, assist local beekeepers with their honey bees and to encourage the next generation of beekeepers in starting and maintaining a healthy bee colony.

    The honey bees are very important for maintaining the existence of human beings. Some benefits from the honey bee include; the pollination of flowers, trees and farmer's crops, productions of pure raw honey and Apitherapy. Without pollination, most of the food that we consume daily would cease to exist. Please click here to learn more about APITHERAPY, or "bee therapy".

Our Mission Statement

    Highland County Beekeepers is a group of individuals who are striving to keep the honey bee population growing in Southwestern Ohio.

    Thanks for visiting our website and remember to bookmark us in your web browser - www.HighlandCountyBeekeepers.com.


Highland County Beekeepers - Pictures

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This honey bee blends into a background of clover! This is a typical beekeepers bee colony! Another view of this same bee colony!

This bee hive is from a recently moved swarm and is beginning a new stage of growth! A close up view of some bees entering and exiting this hive! Fresh Pure Raw Honey for sale from our members!

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