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    Who are the Highland County Beekeepers? We are your friends and neighbors. We are your local business owners. We are ordinary people with a love for the Honey Bee with a desire to protect, to help propagate this specie and to educate others who may be interested in these marvelous insects!

The President of H.C.B. - Jim Higgins

Locally known as 'Dr. Sting'.

    Jim is a beekeeper and President of the Highland County Beekeepers Association and he lives in Hillsboro, Ohio. He graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Animal Science. He is the owner and operator of the Higgins Steel Roofing Co., near Hillsboro, Ohio. His company manufacturers steel roofing and siding and sells building materials and rents tools and sells honey as well as beekeeping and beekeepers supplies.

    Jim has active bee hives in the surrounding areas of Hillsboro, Ohio in which he maintains and gathers the honey for sale at his store. Jim is on the Board of the American Apitherapy Society (AAS). Please click here to learn more about APITHERAPY, or "bee therapy". He is widely known in Southwestern Ohio as "Dr. Sting", because he administers bee stings to those who come for this type of therapy.


The Vice-President of H.C.B. - Tom House

Tom House
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    Tom House - Info coming soon.


The Secretary/Treasurer of H.C.B. - Rich Stewart

Tom House
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    Beekeepers are known by the Highland County Sheriff's Office for Bee Swarm Removal. Usually there is no charge for this service of a simple removal of bees from an easily accessible area, such as in a tree branch, or an open outside area unwanted by Highland County, Ohio residents. However, if you have bees that are not easily accessible, such as in the walls of your home or attic or crawl spaces, you may want to call a professional bee removal service.

    Below is a swarm of honey bees that was removed from a front porch in which the owner had called the Highland County Sheriff's Office for assistance. The Sheriff's Office gave the owner one of the beekeepers phone number on file with their office. Within minutes, a beekeeper arrived to find this swarm of bees trying to make their nest inside of this outdoor pet house. They were simply removed by taking the top off of the pet house, took a cardboard box and held it beneath the swarm, then gently bumped the outside of the pet house and all of the bees fell straight down into the cardboard box without incident.


Our Members

    This is only a partial list of our members.

  • Jim Higgins - President
  • Carol Carman - Vice-President
  • Rich Stewart - Sec./Tres.
  • Mark Bering - The Bee Inspector for Brown County Ohio
  • Carol Carman
  • Ron Guillermin
  • Keith Gibson
  • Tim Lightle
  • Joseph M. Scott
  • David Williamson
  • George 'Tony' Hermes

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